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Wellkin Programs

Home & Care

Personalized Home Care Program

* Got no time? -> Home & Care Consulting
* Want something quick? -> Wellkin Professional Programs

Wellkin provides the most variety of scalp care programs, as well as tailored Home & Care Consulting Program that suits individual client’s needs and lifestyle.

Home & Care Consulting Program is personalized home care remedy designed for clients with a low budget or no time to visit Wellkin Scalp Clinique. Visit Wellkin only once a month for professional treatment with daily at home scalp care program that is just right for each client. to achieve a successful result.

There is not enough time? Worry about the cost? Wellkin Home & Care Program

You need scalp care, but don’t have enough time for it?Talk to Wellkin Trichologist today for home care remedy that is unique for your needs.

  • Time

    Unique home care remedy for your professional scalp care at home.

  • Price

    Highly effective scalp care at reasonable price.

  • Effective

    Professional home care remedy for instant effectiveness.

Sales Structure of Wellkin

Sales of Membership

Membership sales of treatment programs, high level of customer royalty and revisit rate by providing high value scalp treatment services

  • Frequent visits (once or twice a week) with the characteristics of Scalp/ Hair Loss treatment leads to rapid use of membership.
  • Sales synergy effect when introduced as shop-in-shop format

Sales of memberships range from ₩500,000 ~ ₩3,000,000

  • Able to promote various types of programs at different price levels
  • Sales techniques and methodologies will be taught

3. Securing non-membership customers / Free trial to convince potential customers

  • Design happy hour trial programs at the non-peak hours

Sales of Products

Product sales can improve revenue structure

More than 80% of Wellkin customers purchase product

  • At Wellkin Korea, 8 out of 10 customers purchase product

One customer spends about ₩80,000 ~ ₩200,000

  • Shampoo + tonic
  • Shampoo + scalp pack
  • Shampoo + tonic + scalp pack

Shops on the ground floor or in shopping mall have higher product sales proportion (30% above)

  • Product sales proportion differs depending on the location of the shop
  • Possible to design as open-type shop