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Principles of Wellkin

Wellkin Scalp Clinique

A rich and beautiful hair
from a healthy scalp…

There are as many as 45 reasons of hair loss.
External and internal treatments are in need of
fundamental improvement.

Clear the way for hair to grow out using advanced
equipments and tools, application of active ingredient
nourishes scalp for health hair growth.

Principles of Wellkin

Wellkin scalp treatment

Principle of digital device for scalp treatments

Helps to penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver active ingredients!

Deep penetrating

Increase cell metabolism,
strengthens hair roots, promotes skin renewal

Clear hair follicles to make nutrients absorbed effectively

Draw impurities clogging hair follicles

5-STEP Wellkin Scalp Treatment Program

  • Step 1.


    Detailed examination with Wellkin diagnostic camera, to identify any scalp and hair issues
    (scalp type, hair growth cycle, hair follicle, hair thickness).

  • Step 2.


    1. Cleanse impurity of the outer scalp skin (dandruff, sebum, flakes).

    2. Exfoliate and loosen built-up scales and epidermis.

  • Step 3.


    1. Treat the circulation of scalp to increase the activity of hair matrix.

    2. Keeping DHT levels under control which is mostly responsible for male pattern baldness.

  • Step 4.


    1. Promote the hair growth by providing oxygen and intensive nutrition to increase Keratin.

    2. Normalizing the hair growth cycle by boosting immunity to the cells (hair matrix, derma papilla, follicle bulb) directly linked to hair growth.

  • Step 5.


    1. Intensive hair care for thicker hair.

    2. Maintain healthy scalp (home-care remedy, visit Wellkin 1-2 times a month).