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Scalp Care Products

Beauty Starts with Solep

A rich and beautiful hair,
start with Solep scalp care.

Solep is developed through 20 years of beauty research and
13 years of industry leading scalp care experience.

First step of a rich and beautiful hair is having a healthy scalp.

Your hair problems such as hair loss, thinning hair, itchiness, dandruff are result of scalp troubles.

Solep is a professional scalp cosmetics brand developed for healthy scalp care, it is free from
harsh chemical ingredients, formulated with the most fresh ingredients, and high in active ingredient contents.
Start Solep today, to solve your various scalp troubles.

Solep, rofessional scalp cosmetics with 13 years of history

  • Safe and effective ingredients!
    Scalp care functional cosmetics. Free from harsh chemicals, formulated with natural ingredients.

    • Formulated with carefully selected natural and highly effective ingredients
    • Various techniques of derma technology are used, such as fermentation, molecular method, and low temperature extracting method.
    • Solep is the only product in Korea that combines scalp and skin care technology.
  • Received safety approvals of FDA, KFDA, CFDA, and CPNP

    • 22 products are China CFDA approved.
    • Korea KFDA approved its effectives in preventing hair loss and improving hair thickness
    • US FDA approved.
    • Europe CPNP approved.
  • Developed by Korean No.1 scalp professional company, with essence of our 20 years of beauty research and experience of managing 300,000 clients.

    • Out of 100 products developed, most effective products were selected and launched as Solep
    • 12 years of accumulated cosmetic manufacturing experience.
    • The origin of Solep comes from hypo allergenic aesthetic cosmetic, Derma Solution, launched in 2006.