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Wellkin Programs

Head Spa

Relaxing scalp care program for healthy scalp and hair.

Exquisite scalp therapy that relaxes, prevents, and repairs signs of aging.
Esthetic technique using natural therapy tool developed by Wellkin helps to maintain attractive and healthy scalp.


  • Anti-aging
    Head Spa
  • Volumizing
    Hair Care
  • Healing
    Scalp Care
  • Color Therapy &
    Special Treatments
  • Scalp care helps to retain the skin’s elasticity.

    Scalp maintenance is important to retain the skin’s elasticity!
    Wellkin’s aesthetic technique, a combination of massage + equipments help active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the scalp skin for elastic scalp and skin. The program for younger looking skin that is loved by many clients of Wellkin.

  • Want to look younger? Silky and bouncy hair is a must!

    Scalp = Soil, Hair = trees, grass, and flowers
    If the soil isn’t cared for, the plants can’t flourish. To have long and healthy hair, it is important to maintain a healthy scalp.
    Wellkin’s special therapy + digital equipments + active ingredients strengthens hair from root to tip.

  • Relieve stress while improve the condition of your scalp

    Relieves stress which is a major cause of hair loss, improves body condition through scalp care program combined with aesthetic therapy.