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Wellkin Programs

Hair Loss

Wellkin programs to hair regrowth

Normalize the hair growth cycle (Growth -> Transition -> Resting), improve hair
thickness, and stimulate new hair growth.

Programs Intensive care program individually customized for hair loss. Male / female hair loss,
alopecia areata, short-term intensive hair loss care for maximum improvement.

  • Hair Roots
  • Early Stage
    Hair Loss
    Step 1
  • Intensive
    Hair Loss
    Step 2
  • Alopecia

Process of nourishing scalp & hair

  • Purify clogged
    hair follicles.
  • Improve blood
  • Use of active
    ingredients with digital
    device to penetrate deeper
    into the scalp.
  • Increase cell
    metabolism, strengthens
    hair roots, and promotes
    skin renewal.
  • Male: O type hair loss

  • Female: O type hair loss

  • Male: M type hair loss

  • Female: M type hair loss

Stages of hair loss