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What We Do

Professional Scalp Care

Developed and used

by Korean No.1 Wellkin scalp clinique.
Essence of our 22 years of beauty research and 17 years of scalp care knowledge.

Wellkin Cosmetics is a professional scalp cosmetic brand. We provide training, products, and scalp treatment programs to successfully manage your business.

First step of a rich and beautiful hair is having a
healthy scalp. Hair loss, thin hair, itchiness, and
dandruff begin with various scalp issues.

Wellkin Cosmetics is a professional scalp cosmetics for a
healthy scalp and hair, developed by Korean
No.1 scalp care brand Wellkin, which has been
proven its effectiveness through demanding
clients of Wellkin Scalp Clinique.


Salon program can be designed
upon the budget, target market, sales goal, etc.


Wellkin Clinique Wellkin Scalp Clinique

Wellkin Cosmetics products
Special range for Wellkin

  • Hair loss ampoule
  • Solep complex concentrate


Professional Centers Beauty salon, hair salon, spa, clinic

Wellkin Cosmetics scalp treatment programs

  • Add programs on to existing salon or clinic
  • Add Korea scalp care system on a shoestring
  • Accomplish increase in sales
    (Scalp treatment + Home care product sale)

Scalp + Hair styling program

  • Add programs on to hair salon
  • Add scalp treatment further on chemical treatments such as hair dye, perm for a differentiated hair styling service

Selective products with the highest levels of client satisfaction among the professional range.


B2C Channels Department store, duty free shop, brand shop, online mall

Solep Premier Scalp Care

  • EWG Green Grade (Grade1-2)
  • High contents of ingredients derived from nature
  • 20 kinds of cautionary ingredients FREE, Artificial flavoring&artificial pigments FREE
  • For on-line, off-line sales channels

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Professional brand


Launched skin care brand Derma Solution.

To serve our customers with more beautiful scalp and skin, we developed solutions that is suitable to use in all 4 seasons in Korea through years of research.


With outstanding clinical results, developed about 100 types of products for professional use.

Derma Solution was used at Kobizstar’s franchise brand: Yves Klein beauty center, Wellkin Scalp Clinique, and Bitiel beauty center with impressive clinical results for improving skin and scalp issues.

Global wellkin


Professional scalp cosmetic “Solep” launches,
with essence of our 22 years of beauty research and experience of managing 300,000 clients.

Not only to be used at the professional centers, we developed home-care range for daily use. Solep is launched by carefully selecting most effective products among 100 products developed for the past 22 years.


Solep receives brand awards for 3
consecutive years, enters into global market to deliver new and innovative scalp care products.

Solep is a professional scalp cosmetics with a diversified products (about 50) developed through operating Wellkin Scalp Clinique nationwide. Solep has proven its effectiveness by clients of Wellkin.

Solep can be found not only in Korea, but also in Australia, USA, China, Russia, Cambodia, and so on. Solep will be available in more countries soon as a professional scalp cosmetics.

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